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Christmas 2015

If you wish to place an order or would like to discuss options for this Christmas, please e-mail me directly - or call me on 07813-170063
We are pretty close to sold out of turkeys but have a few geese and ducks still available!

If you want to know what you're eating.....

In light of the recent food issues, I thought you might like to know what goes into Derbyshire Dales Organics sausages. I only make sausages with the meat that is named on the label, so if it says Pork Sausages, it only contains pork. If it says Lamb Sausages it will only contain lamb, Chicken Sausages only contain chicken and Venison Sausages only venison. All my sausages are made using lamb casing but no other meat is added to the main ingredient. Many butchers add pork fat to their sausages, whatever the main meat content, for "flavour" or to keep them moist. This is unnecessary with high quality produce and for the dietary and religious requirements of many of my customers, I do not do this.

I make all my own seasoning mixes from scratch, so I can give you the exact content of every batch of sausages I make. If you want sausages with no pepper, I will make them for you. If you want sausages with no rusk or no herbs, I can do that too.

Remember, if you want to know what's in your favourite banger, you need to talk to the person who is actually making the product.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please ask here or send me an e-mail


Bakewell Farmers' Market 26th January 2013

Due to the heavy snow fall last night, the council have cancelled the market. I am going to come over to Bakewell at some point later today to meet some customers who have pre-ordered meat. Keep an eye on this page for notification of where and when and if you happen to be in the area please come along and buy! You can call me on 07813-170063 if you would like to check what's available.
Many thanks,
Sarah X



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